come and see nina

Nina is the Guest Speaker at International Womans Day Expo Lunch organised by The RKCC.

Come along to Hotel Clipper, 20-30 Patterson Road, Rockingham on March 10th and show your support.

Tickets $65 pp available at

Nina hits the news

The West Australian newspaper interviews Nina following a successful fraud investigation.

The Inside Story: Nina Hobson

Behind the Brands - A community For Female Entrepreneurs In Western Australia

Murder Investigation

Nina was called in to investigate a murder by a desperate family who were worried the police weren’t doing enough to find their missing love one after he disappeared without a trace.

Hunt for clues

As the first private investigator to be asked to investigate a murder, Nina left no stone unturned, searching with Cadaver dogs, bushland believed to be an area frequented by the missing man.

Gamer Danger – boy found murdered

When a boy went missing the media turned to Nina to help them understand the process and the actions that the police were conducting.