About Nina Hobson // a fascinating history

Some background...

Nina Hobson is a former undercover crime detective and TV journalist originating from the UK. Using her finely tuned skills Nina now operates a private investigation and bodyguard business. After 15 years as a detective she completely switched careers to radio and then TV, taking her skills, training and experience in surveillance, interrogation and informant-running to investigative journalism.

A documentary

Nina's documentary Undercover Copper, and the behind-the-scenes footage received a number of award nominations including a BAFTA nomination. This was followed by a hit series Undercover Mum working undercover to expose organisations and individuals harming kids. Nina is an expert in both personal and corporate security, frequently called upon as an expert by the media.

A personal approach

Nina's remarkable story is personal, heart-warming and told with humour making you laugh and cry. She's a fascinating and dynamic storyteller, motivating audiences in unexpected ways referencing her unique career and willingness to try, fail and try again.